Cosmic Fire Satsang with Raul at Lightning in a Bottle Festival  May 26


Cosmic Fire Satsang in Las Vegas March 29th 
Please contact us for private address of event


Raul Rosiles to perform World Peace Ceremony @ Wholisitc Expo in San Diego. 8/24-26


@ One Love Fest June 9 2012 www.onelovefest.com 
with Al Diaz affirmations, Raul Rosiles affirmations, Arezo Tehranirad didgerdoo, 
Neil Gaur singing bowls, Rozbeh K singing bowls, Sol singing bowls, Tracy O'Toole tuning forks, Trina Neal - drummer, Daniel Terceman - didgeridoo, Kevin Isaac Routh - didgeridoo, Sayler Van Merlin - didgeridoo


11-11-11 Global

11-11-11 GLOBAL www.111111global.info
Nov. 11 2011

in USA with I AM Raul Rosiles, Annelis e O'Doherty, Will Rideau
in Korea with Al Diaz,
in Peru with Michelle Anderson,
in Egypt with John Riley, Theresa Ibis,
We are honored to be part of
Grateful Fridays Nov. 11, which is the official U.S.A. 

venue as part of the international Focused Intention 11-11-11 Global, 
meditation/prayer/ visualization simultaneously world-round for our 
children & the future,
with official venues in U.S.A., Peru, Korea, and Egypt.
Many around the world including many other venues will be joining us. 


World Loves Japan global festival for Japan relief May 19th pst

see our facebook page: WORLD LOVES JAPAN
Everywhere on Earth, May 19th.
A Day of Awareness and Love in Focused Intention for Japan,
and for all Earth shifts including the U.S. Tornado disaster.
Send Your Love and donate to nonprofits that are really
doing the work and truly giving all the money given to this relief effort.We are offering a new paradigm for how we respond as
a planet when the family of humanity is in emergence=see
Three locations so far to come together as a whole planet.
More announced soon. Please feel welcome to step up in
your part of the World and join us. Tell us where you will be

May 19th ( May 20th in Asia and Europe)

Peace Yoga Gallery
903 South Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90015
6:30pm Al Diaz: The Miracle of Love for Japan
7:00pm Cheri Ray: Peace Yoga
8:00pm Dr Dream: Sacred Energy-transference Ceremony
8:45pm Special Guest Jagadish Dass
Intentional Dance by I AM Raul Rosiles: Love & Enlightenment
DJ set by
Sterling Bentley and Bobby Rich

 with Yoko Nakamura representing the Golden Pyramid of Peace

to receive donations at the event at the Alignment Center 
(120 W. 28th St., 3rd Fl.) featuring Laura Hames Franklin

with Rikka Zimmerman 
Wizards Party - Unleashing Your Talents and Abilities!
Embassy Suites 225 Shorecrest Drive Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA
Cost: $40 can be applied to Bars Class, opportunity to also donate to official non-profits recommended by World Love Japan global event

IN LAS VEGAS at Ganesha Center
with Bartji meditation experience 
    3243 E. Warm Springs Road Suite 105 Las Vegas, Nevada 89120

with 3 Magic Words writer/director/producer Michael Perlin
and Laura Fox

IN COSTA RICA New Earth Center of Light
with Jeremiah Lindsay and Shondra Rose
Calls for alignment with Divine Plan, The Light, The Law of One, New Earth/New Cosmos Divine Plan, and Japan's place in that, as well as Gaia's Divine Plan.

Leader of Soul Based Living in Australia Sha Sha Love

IN INDIA: Tiruvannamalai
with Gonga & Tara 
at Mahadeva Malai with Maha Ananda Siddha sending blessings and sending spiritual healing energy to all. Also with  John Riley.
Sandy Fox with Facilitator Joan Clark
Rocamadour, Vertigo City, near Bordeaux 
 A Sacred Pilgrimage:
The Path of Mary Magdalene and the Goddess Mystery School

Peace Yoga Gallery
903 South Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90015
6:30pm Al Diaz: The Miracle of Love for Japan
7:00pm Cheri Ray: Peace Yoga with Harp
8:00pm Dr Dream: Sacred Energy-transference Ceremony
8:45pm Special Guest Jagadish Dass
Intentional Dance by I AM Raul Rosiles: Love & Enlightenment
DJ set by
Sterling Bentley and Bobby Rich

To Donate we recommend:
Golden Pyramid of Peace 
Emotos Peace Project http://emotopeaceproject.blogspot.com/
Love Planet Foundation www.loveplanetfoundation.org/


Messages of Love for the World




We offer our Love to those whom were affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunamis in Northern Japan, which occurred on Friday,
March 11, 2011. We also express our compassion to the families of those whom have lost their lives in this tragic event.
This is the biggest earthquake to hit Japan since records began almost 150 years ago.
Tens of thousands of Self-Defense Forces searched for survivors in earthquake-ravaged norther...n Japan on Saturday as rescue and relief efforts went into full force, even as concerns rose that a radiation leak may have occurred at a nuclear-power facility in the country.
More than 200,000 Japanese were ferried to relief shelters and millions of homes were left without power and water after the country's most powerful quake ever struck on Friday.

In the 1970s the physicist Fred Alan Wolf wrote an evocative phrase “we create our own reality”. The Wise throughout the ages have said the same.
Continuing change is the fundamental feature of our life and the universe.
Our thoughts and focused intentions can affect physical reality that we perceive. However, most people don’t affect reality in a consistent & substantial way because they don’t believe they can.

Let us bring our energy together in Focused Intention.
•purpose: an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions.
Our most powerful intention is Love. Visualize things enfolding for the best and highest good for all. Even the very Wise can not see all things.
Do not try to direct the energy other than to focus your Love on Japan
and that our focused intention serves the best and highest good.
Thank You!



W...ho A...re Y...ou? Enlightenment

Your mind wants you to think its you. It knows its suffering, will distract you, in the past this was thought of as demons, but I prefer a more psychological metaphor of it being your Persona, which thinks its you. It is not an enemy but it doesnt want Enlightenment, it want to be real, which it is not ,its not you, You are you. You are not thoughts and feelings about you, your you. A car is not our thoughts and feeling about the car, right?
You MUST get this in order to reach Enlightenment. This is Wisdom. of course there is ( as I stated before) Oneness; meaning non-duality, and Love, but most people get those but not Wisdom. All three. Love, Wisdom, and Oneness are the three aspects of something that can not really be put into words. Each of us comes to it one of these ways, that all lead to...


Letter to Egypt from the founder of Soul Based Living

Letter to Egypt from the founder of Soul Based Living

 "Love is the first word I say to you. We know the shadow of the wings of America
 have moved more sometimes by the will of the military/industrial complex than from altruism. Our American revolution was bloody/ Our history books tell an edited version of our past at best...As you move into your bright future, we tell you the noble truth that human beings no longer harm one another. Avoid harming each other, and yet YES of course you must "stop the machine" of corruption and injustice: Wisdom finds a way. We ask that no forces harm the protestors. We stand firm with our brothers and sisters who demand a civilization of freedom , justice,and equality. No government can produce this, but only free people. Government is not a parent but a servant, do not ask of it to do more than its design and provide. A new government is not a solution but rather new people.
 Become new/ form a more perfect union. In my heart I am there with you. 
Oceans of Love and Blessings" ~ I AM Raul Rosiles



My Birthday party, better known as the annual Incarnation Celebration of I AM Raul Rosiles will this year be at this event: Sunday, December 19th 
Temple of Visions in Los Angeles 719 South Spring StreetLos AngelesCA90014

Join Dr. DREAM and his Band of Angels for the last Unconditional LOVE Activation of 2010! 
There will be one last event after this one;
December 20, Ojai, CA (Glen Muse) - Light delectable fare (tempting treats for your palate) followed by Universal LOVE Galactivation followed by fire spinning and Peter Sterling performing outside to the Total Lunar Eclipse - 
Details will be posted this week (only accepting 65 prepaid reservations!)


Leaders Causing Leaders Nov 6 & 7

check out the website http://www.leaderscausingleaders.com/ for more info
I AM Raul Rosiles will be speaking in the Children's Program, which is being produced
by the wonderful Carolyn Kaufman, founder of Children of Today and Free to be Me.
I will also be presenting on the Yoga Sanctuary, being produced by the wonderful Connie Dunn
author in the book Transformation; Essays on Love Healing and Water

Leaders Causing Leaders Conference  
Nov. 6th &amp 7th
Who are we? Where are we going?  How do we find our destiny?Unity - Exploring our Universe - 
Freedom - Wholeness - Awareness - Education - Culture - Peace - Ecology.
Be empowered. Today a new world is emerging. Authentic leadership for authentic solutions.
This is our moment to shine. 
What is this event all about?
We are offering lectures, workshops, and panels to educate and empower you to lead the life you were born to live. Come and experience our world class keynote speakers in the fields of personal growth, business, the arts, health, the environment,  education, and world peace. 
This is a call to shift into a new level of leadership.
Awakening the Leader Within


Being the Light Song of the World

Your being is where your doing comes from. Music comes from instruments, being played by a musician.
The Soul Is the musician, your body and Persona are the instrument, your actions in the world are the music your life makes. This can be seen as art also. creating your art of Life. Art of many colors. So really your actions are a Song of Light. You are a Light Music body. Create beauty whenever you go. Not by doing anything, but rather by being. Drama cant occur when you show up, when you are PRESENT. When your divine Music/Light is in a room, suffering cannot be there. Watch how your level of presence effects outcomes in your daily life.
Before you meet with family, friends, or go to work, or start a meeting. Come back to yourself. Remember who you really are.Connect to your divine nature, BREATH that in, and then...play.


Your best friend

Your first moment upon awakening is your best friend. There is no pain, no stiffness, no worry, no thoughts, no judgments. There is no personality, no story, no agenda. Your first moment has no fear or anger. Then you "remember" your character. Your persona "mask". From this second minute or so of waking in the morning, you are not you. You have become this "memory matrix". YOU have fallen asleep...You may not awaken until the body falls asleep again....To BE AWAKE, in this world, you must have the courage to CHOOSE who you are in that first moment of awakening from sleep. Choose well. Then keep returning to the truth of your self, not your thoughts and feeling about you.  You can really awaken...in the only moment you have: now... Get ready , here comes sleep time... The next morning you awaken, be free. Choose who you are. Note how many untruths the mind comes up with...It may say " I'm scared", I'm sad, or I'm angry"....You are not any of these.
Your mind is it's mental/emotional spectrum state. You are...YOU. I look forward to meeting the real you....
The royal you. I am Raul Rosiles, founder of Soul Based Living. Nice to meet you.


Soul Portraits

soul portraits  www.soulbasedliving.info
A Mirror of the Soul
"When I was very young, about four years old, I had a sudden moment of spiritual realization. I was playing, running up and down the stairs at my grandparent’s house. Suddenly, the room was filled with Light. Not just ordinary physical light, but a mysterious Light that illumined everything from both within and without.

Colors seemed much brighter, and I had a sense that the objects around me were more vivid. The textures and shapes of everything were enhanced many times over. It was as if the world had been mere dull grey before this moment. I was dazzled by this huge increase in perception.

Then I heard a voice that seemed to come out of thin air, saying, “Always Remember This Moment.” It was a powerful voice that was very clear and strong. This whole event passed in just a few minutes. Then I went back to play in another room of the house.

From that time on, I continued to hear voices, sometimes so many speaking at the same time that I couldn’t make out what they were actually saying. Sometimes one voice would increase in volume while the others faded into the background until I could soon distinguish the one voice’s unique personality. The voice would explain many things to me as if it was instructing me about life. Several years later, I wrote down the experience because I was beginning to forget the details. These voices have taught me many things over the years."
The Soul Portraits are a healing art which comes from the Philosophy of Life called Soul Based Living.
Whatever you think the image is, "it is not that".
However, let us say we know what this is, and say it is Art that illustrates YOU as your "inner, essential and Higher Self" - A mirror to Your Soul.
Practical application:
 "See" your self, not the 3/d limited self. SEE your self (not your life story) - those are just words in your "mind"... See deeply into you, as if looking past your reflection on the surface of life, to a diamond at the bottom of the water. Become your Diamond Self by working with your Soul Portrait - even for just a minute each day. Just breathe out whatever is no longer in your best & highest good - Breathe in as you look at the painting which represents your Divine Soul Self.

What is involved?

1.Sessions are either in-person or over the phone.
2.You will receive an 18x24 inch watercolor painting and an audio recording of your session. There will be time for your questions, if any, about any aspects of your life. The portrait will be yours to keep forever and to be inspired by everyday.
3. You will receive a audio CD of the session
4.Three follow-up phone consultations are then scheduled. This Soul Coaching allows for practical application of information that comes through in the Soul Portrait session
If we are creating the painting over the phone, make certain you are in a space which allows for your highest quality experience. The painting and cd of the session is then mailed to you
We encourage you to invest about 90 minutes of time in your self for the session. Some people find writing questions down before hand very useful, as the energy is so strong during the session, many people feel they are in a higher state and no questions come to mind, however everyone is different. Some with no questions discover questions welling up from deep within....
The intention of this work is to create a mirror via the medium of Art so that a person can "see" themselves daily in a new way,one of their own choosing, meaning the creation of personality "on purpose" if desired...
(Choosing who we are, we then have the choice of thoughts of that New person, which then gives us a new set of choices of action.) Some, after receiving a Soul Portrait, have claimed a kind of REBIRTH or AWAKENING.
In the first part: Information leading toward your vitality of health, relationships and success is communicated while the painting is being made. Depending on the person's depth of self inquiry, even centuries of "past life" or centuries of family issues may come forth.

Secondly, time is made for questions and answers.

Next, a plan for practical application of this new information is discussed. Every one is "psychic" - it is in the interpretation and application that practitioners show their quality.
All the while, a watercolor painting is being painted, during which, you will see your self, in full-color, in a new way. The painting is your reminder of your highest potential. Many have reported healings, and "breaking-through" stuck patterns, after participating in this beautiful and individually creative experience.
Sessions include one 18x24 watercolor painting, and the cd of the session recording. Raul also includes the three follow-up phone consultations.

How to get started...
Contacting Raul Rosiles via  awaken2one@gmail.com
or call 714-306-5392.
See more at www.soulbasedliving.info
Have possible dates; time and day for the session with Raul. Tuesdays are not available.
Please include your time zone or country code if applicable.
You may invest in your Soul Portrait and the three follow-up phone consultations via PayPal (preferred), check or money order.

Here comes the Sun

In reality, You are the Sun: everything that you "see" exists because of "reflected Light", including your thoughts, feelings and body. The "you" you think and feel you are, and the world around you, is a kind of "motion- picture" 3/D film, that "has action" because Light is passing through it.
You are really this Supreme Bright Light


Become Transparent

Imagine you are transparent, try this visualization from time to time. You will be able to relax more as life challenges just "flow" through you. Your thoughts can just "float " away...You can see so much more easily how you "feel"...The illusion of a solid body "fades" from your ideas...You become much more conscious of your food choices....Have fun with it. 


Supreme Bright Light

Supreme Bright Light is the healing modality of Soul Based Living, note SBL...123, the triangle. Feel a supreme bright Light from "Source" into your body, making it transparent.
The Light will "sparkle and crackle" wherever there is a block, ( pain, stiffness,etc...) "seeing" the brain and heart especially as transparent is very helpful. Scientist know there is no such thing as "solid". Solid is an urban legend.


Conscious Life Expo.

I will be at the Conscious Lifer Expo networking &  having fun.
One of the authors of Transformation; Samuel Kiwasz will have a booth,
and Sandy Fox, creator of  h2Om water  who wrote our forward will also be there.
I am also attending the dance Saturday night teaching a dance lesson
(just kidding)


Kauai Expo Schedule

Speaker schedule:                                                                   

Saturday, January 30 Speaker Schedule

1-3pm Al Diaz: Unconditional Love with Clarity and Focus*
7:30-9:00pm Dr. Sha Soul Healing, Universal Peace*

Center Stage

8:45 Blessing with Puna Dawson
9:00 Qigong, Francesco Garripoli 
9:30 The True Meaning of Meditation, Nicole Sakurai
10:30 Energy Healing and Manifesting Wellness, Jen Lee, RN, NP
11:15 Atlas Evolution: The Brain, Body, Spirit Solution, Ranan Shahar 
12:00 Animal Communication and Healing, Charlotte Szivak
12:45 Break
1:00 Diabetes Cured, Richard Green
2:00 Psyhc-K, Rita Soman
3:00 Why Love Heals, Dean Shrock, PhD
4:00 pm - Reduce Inflammation, Eliminate Pain with Moxxor, Michael Epstein

9:30 Dolphin Mediation, Jeanne Russell
10:15 Have you had a spiritual experience? Past lives, dreams and soul travel, Kim Stevens
11:00 Five Wishes, Cindie Jones and Karen Baldwin
11:45 Emotional Freedom with Thought Field Energy , Kristin Morris
12:30 Philosophy of Regeneration with Sunrider, Marilyn Summer
1:15 Adult Mediation, Diane Cline
2:00 Auric Interactions in Relationships, Laura Schronen
2:45 Tri Hara Yoga with Marko

Sunday, January 31 Speaker Schedule
1-4:00 pm Dr. Sha The Soul Healing System, A Special Group Healing Session*

Center Stage
9:00 am Radiant Lotus Qigong, Daisy Lee 
9:45 Drink Your Way to Health, Neal Chantara
10:30 Soul Based Living, Raul Rosiles
11:15 Howard Wills
12:00  Spirituality in Medicine, Dr. Elizabeth Chun, M.D., LAc
12:45 Mirabai
1:30 Yogaland for Children, Diane Cline
2:15 Business Trends for 2010, Michael Saiz and Katie Fisher
3:00 Electrical Healing-The 1st Step to Wellness, Jae Atchley, DC
3:45 Yoga of Mime, Janet Carafa


10:15 Introduction to the Third Testament, Richard Kraft
11:00 Medical Intuition (Multi-Dimensional Holographic Healing), Charlotte Szivak
11:45 How Ingredients Affect the Skin and Internal Organs, Heather Bell
12:15 Healing Touch-What is it? Who can benefit?, Barry Lefevre
1:00 Moving Beyond the Illusion of the Mind, Sage
1:45 Soft Birth Practices, Rose M. Scherschel
2:30 Mastering The Art Of A Juicy Intimate Relationship, Cary and Wendy Valentine

*Tickets required.


  Soul Based Living is based on the Law of Correspondence, much like Dependant Origination, or Holographic Universe theory
Soul Based Living
Soul Based Living offers ageless wisdom and the best of today's wisdom voices with seminars, books, Cd's, and Dvd's.


“The Transformation Book Tour” Hawaiian Islands

“The Transformation Book Tour”
Hawaiian Islands

Join RAUL ROSILES and the co-authors of “Transformation, Essays on Love, Healing and Water.”
Also on the speaking tour:
Al Diaz
Dean Shrock
Connie Dunn
Robin Masiewicz

Thursday January 28th to Tuesday February 2nd
6th Annual Inspiration Kaua'i Wellness Expo - "To Your Health"
Expo hours: Sat & Sun, January 30-31, 2009 9am-5pm

An additional Social / Networking Gathering with local experts in their field TBA

Island of Hawaiʻi
Wednesday February 3rd to Thursday February 4th
Kona, Social / Networking Gathering with local experts in their field TBA.

Friday February 5th to Sunday February 7th
Social / Networking Gathering with local experts in their field TBA.


Soul Based Living aspects chart

What is Soul Based Living?


The Soul can not be trapped. There is no void or hell to fear. Hidden angers or fears arise after the body dies and jump up as a "reality" for a short time. Angels will help you to see you crossed over and guide you from that void or hell. You are Love and Light and not separate from the Divine Source. YOU ARE FREE FOREVER. Suffering is part of a space and time. The real you transcends space and time. 

By my words you will know me.

If you want to know if a speaker or author is of love, and of the light: just see for your self if their subject matter is. Do they share about Love/ about Light? Or something else.


One page preview of my chapter in the book: Transformation

Love and Enlightenment
By Raul Rosiles

Love is the first word I say to you, because I am you and you are me. In other words, love is the unifying quality of life. Not only does love connect you to me and me to you, but it also helps us to realize that in essence we are all one.
I am love, and love is the condition that draws us towards the ultimate. Love is the answer to all your questions. You are love itself.
We seek in life those things that match the energy of who we really are. Basically, there are only these three things that all humans seek.
·        Health and vitality·        Harmonious relationships·        Success in our objectives.
This order is the best way to achieve your dreams. Each one supports the next in this sequence. If you work outside of this particular order you may face challenges due to a weak foundation. For example, it can be hard to become successful if you have poor health or stressful relationships. Either one can distract you from achieving your goals. How often do you meet people who focus on success at the expense of their health or relationships? Perhaps you are in fact one of these people? I am not suggesting that you work on only one aim at a time. What I am saying is that these objectives should all be worked on simultaneously because each one supports the other. But you will get the best results if you keep them in this order of priority.